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Page Rank for your business

If Google is ranked number 1, Facebook is number 2 and YouTube is number 4, where is your site ranked.

There are millions of websites in the UK, but how do you know where yours is ranked.

Well a simple FREE downloadable toolbar is available which will give you the information you are looking for.

Why is it important to know your page rank? Well the more information that you have about how your site is performing, the more you can do to improve its rankings and ultimately improve the traffic flow to your site

Now we all know that you should have the free analytics from Google installed and if you are not receiving weekly or monthly reports about how people are finding your site i.e. what pages they are visiting, how long they stay on your site, what keywords they are using to find you etc. Then your web master should have his/her shins kicked.

“If you don’t know the stats, how can you improve anything?”

Often, when a new client comes to me at Usher Media, I will take a look at their site to see their overall ranking. If they are ranked around 1 Million, then I know they are getting some traffic, if they are ranked around 500K they are getting a great deal of traffic to their site. Less that 200K very good and lower, well quite frankly excellent.

Then I will ask for their Google analytics report (free), which invariably the webmaster has not provided them with, mostly because they know the site they made for their client isn’t working.

This tool is an excellent free tool from www.Alexa.com. You just download this add-on to your toolbar and your off and running.

Its great for spying on your competition too, just to see if they are getting any traffic at all.

There are other paid tools, but this is a great free one.

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