Video Testimonials For Business

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Using video testimonials helps your business’s credibility.

We all know that having a series of written testimonials on your website can help to make your visitor more comfortable in using your services.

But we all now that its possible to fake these.

Yet just having written testimonials does work.

According to Cisco research 78% of people
will choose a business based on referralls/testimonials.

But having video testimonials on your website has proven to be more effective.

When we read a testimonial, we are using just one of our senses, but how can we relate to that person, we don’t know if there are like us.

Unfortunately we do follow the crowd and are influenced by our so called ‘Peers’.  And if you are targeting a particular sector, then no doubt you have the kind of person in mind that you want to do business with – sometimes called your avatar.

So having a video testimonial on your site from one of your peers, whereby you can see them, hear them and almost relate to them – Someone who has the same ideals, aspirations, level of income etc, can influence the visitor to your site to take action and buy from you or maybe just call you to start the interaction.

This is a video I made for a local estate agent. To be fair she was an easy interviewee. Like most people that I have interviewed for testimonials, she knew what she wanted to say and just needed a little coaxing

Usher Media can contact your customers and clients to arrange a video testimonial for your business.

You cannot have enough testimonials on your site.

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