Video Marketing Using The Business Owner’s Voice

Written by on Jul 26, 2014 in General | 0 comments

People love to deal with real people. So I do not know why, actors are used to front videos for small business.

In this video I created for Pete Hillier of Eco Fires and Stoves in Church Crookham, you can see a business owner really explaining why he recommends this particular product.

Whilst its not a glossy, beautifully filmed piece, it nevertheless get the information across in a natural way. After all, when people come onto the internet, they are looking for information not some beautifully filmed images. So you could say this is a kind of promotional/informational video.

Of course there is a place for those kind of videos, where you bring on a full production crew that costs £2k and much more. Such as up market restaurants, hotels or expensive cars.

But with video marketing for local businesses, I believe either the interview with the owner type of video works best or the promotional/informational video.

For me Pete comes across in a very natural way.

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