Video Marketing Surrey and Hampshire

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If you need a video made about your business, I can help..

I make promotional style videos for companies throughout the South of England.



These are not glamour style videos, we can see enough of those on television and we all know that no-one watches those any more, because of the ability to fast forward though the commercials.

Of course there is a place for beautifully produced videos, with the luxury shots and the voice-over with the deep based voice extolling the virtues of the product or service.

However, not on the internet for local businesses.

When someone goes on to the internet, they are looking for INFORMATION, about a product or your services.

We need real people, telling real stories, talking about the products they offer and before you say I can’t do this, take a look at the following video that I made for Eco Fires and Stoves. A local company based in Church Crookham near Fleet in Hampshire.

Pete Hillier is one of the directors of the business and he does a great job of explaining the features and benefits of a gas fire that he sells.

He is not a television presenter, he is a business owner, with a product to sell and a company to sell, which I think he does really well.

People come to your website for information..Don’t bore them with a ‘Talking Head’ video extolling the virtues of your company, how long you’ve been established, how you are number one in you industry…Blah Blah Blah..Boring…Switch off time.

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