Video Interview With Inventor Of The SHOFT

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This is a video interview with Graham Cox the co-Inventor of the SHOFT

Graham along with his dad Ronald is the Co-Inventor of this gadget.

So what is a Shoft?

SHOFT  is a small palm-sized product made of soft material that fits over the top of your vehicle seat belt tongue (that’s the bit you grab and pull down every time you buckle up).  

After the 2 second install SHOFT reduces the usual ‘slack’ that creeps in to the seat belt.  

How does it do this?  SHOFT has a built in ‘brake pad’ made of GRIPtene that engages the seat belt when you buckle up and remove the slack by tugging up on the diagonal section of the seat belt.  Keeping tension on the lap belt portion of the seat belt helps comply with RoSPA & NHTSA safety guidelines and also helps with better posture as it reduces ‘slouching’.

Watch this video interview for further information

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