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Camberley Businesses Must Wake Up To Video Marketing

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I firmly believe that local businesses in Surrey Heath, are missing out on marketing their business in an extremely easy and effective way. Google owns YouTube, Google loves social media and the number one social media site is YOU TUBE . I have made videos for local businesses that have seen a page 1 ranking on Google within a couple of hours. Now, what all local companies want is to be on the first page of the search engines, don’t they? If you own a local business and you don’t think its that important, then  you should stop reading this now and just have a listing in yellow pages, along with the other 25 or 30 plumbers, carpenters, removal companies, flower shops etc. Now let me clarify something here… Getting an entry on Yellow Pages and having them link back to your business, is a good quality link, or even better, getting an advert on the local advertising and marketing directory The Best Of Camberley is a great way forward too. But lets be honest, when was the last time YOU looked in Yellow Pages for a local business. In this day and age of choice for services and products, you have to stand out. And making a short video about your business can achieve this. Either a straight promotional 1 or 2 minute video with you as the spokesperson, or a video using slides in a kind of power point presentation. Just having a website with some pictures on, or a listing in yellow pages, is one dimensional. The way forward is at least two dimensional. With a video, the potential lead or customer can see your company in action and can hear you talking about your business. This simply was not possible a couple of years ago, because it was too expensive. Now you an make a video with free software for next to nothing and if you want something more polished, with titles, royalty free music and a voice-over, then talk to me. If you want to show off your business and get page 1 rankings in the search engines, then get on board the video marketing train, ahead of everyone...

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