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How To Get A Top 3 Position On Google In Surrey

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Being at the top of the search engines for your keyword is very important, if you ever want to get any leads or business from using this internet thingy…. Especially for your key words…. If you want to get any traffic (visitors) to your website, you will increase the chances dramatically by being in the top 3 positions for the “keyword (s)” yu have decided to go after. Recent information tells us that if your are in position 1 of Google, you will get 46% of all clicks. In position 2. 30%, position 3. 13%…position 5. 2.5% and so on to position 10 and you’ll get just 0.15% So, as you can see it pays to be in the top 3. But how do you achieve this? To enable your site to be at the top of the search engines, you need other sites linking to you… Apart from other sites linking to your site, Google likes it, if  you put regular content on your site, your on page SEO is good and you have an older site (not always necessary, but they do seem to favour older sites). However, by far the best way to improve your rankings in Google, is to get quality back links to your site. (Often called off-site SEO) Getting a link from quality sites, government sites or educational sites are among the best back links to have, but even links from others in your industry are good too. A word about “Keywords”…Keywords are a single word or string of words that people put into the search box to find a business or service like yours. Of course its very likely, that if someone puts your company name in the search engines, they are going to find you, unless you have a major problem with your website listing. But the people who type your company name are probably looking for your telephone number. But your site needs to be “optimised” for the keywords associated with your business or service. You should have a minimum of 10 keywords that you rank for on the front pages of Google, Google ranks pages and not sites, so you need pages relating to the keywords.. So for example, say you are a beautician in Guildford, you will need to optimise your site for keywords like facial treatments guildford, beauty salon guildford, waxing guildford etc You would have those keywords as names for your pages and weave other words into the article in your page. So to sum up…You need back links from quality sites or other related sites with good rankings, regular updates on your site and you need to optimise your site for up to 10 key word…simples It is possible for you to be on the front page of Google and get more business and more leads. Google is the place to be, they have 80% of all traffic in the UK. Although this article is simplistic, there are some good tips here. If you have any comments please leave them below. Sean Usher is the owner of Usher Media He is a video marketer for small businesses and works with many companies to improve their rankings in the search engines, through search engine optimisation...

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