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Honey We Shrunk The Yellow Pages

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The latest version of the yellow pages for Hampshire came through my door the other day. Literally through my letterbox. Nowadays its about the size of an A5 leaflet, but of course a bit thicker. In the hey day of the Yellow Pages, it was a real chunky directory, but it seems people just don’t advertise in it any more. Well of course that’s not true, because there are 520 pages of ads. But how many of those companies will be advertising next year or in 2-3 years. Probably nowhere near of course. Its surprising that they’ve even got 520 pages sold. But some companies don’t monitor where there phone call enquiries come from, so they just leave the Ad running, BECAUSE, “We’ve always have advertised in the Yellow Pages”. I want to make one thing clear here…Having  a lineage ad with their online site is a good thing to have, because it provides a good quality “backlink” to your site. Yellow Pages have finally taken things by the horn and moved most of there advertisers on-line. The days of printed advertising booklets are coming to and end. Its just far too easy to fire up Google and get the answer or service your looking for on-line. So if people are going on-line to find answers, product and services, make sure they find you on the first page of Google above your competitors. Not only that, make sure you know what they’re looking for. If you need help with that, call me for a FREE site evaluation. GET MORE ENQUIRIES FROM YOUR WEBSITE WITH USHERMEDIA.CO.UK Internet Services for Surrey and...

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