Search Engine Optimisation Surrey, or SEO. The “Art” or “Science” of getting your website to the top of the search engines.

Small businesses need to have their website optimised for the internet.

There are no magic tricks to this, it just requires a certain amount of work.

Most of my clients enjoy positions 1-4 on the front page of Google.

Even for the difficult key words like “mortgage” or “mortgage adviser”, (+ the town name) or many other terms for this type of business and these are very competitive terms for local businesses.

But it doesn’t matter what kind/type of business you are in…You must be on the front page of Google and stay there, if,  you are going to get any business from your website.

I work with my clients to achieve those positions and keep them there.

I write and submit articles about your business to directories and I obtain back-links from quality sites. These two things are very important to improve your rankings.

SEO is very important and your site should be optimised regularly, if you want to achieve high rankings and stay at the top of the search engines.

There are plenty of articles on SEO on the internet, just do a search on Google to find out more.

I offer a very personal service for small companies. If you are a personal coach, a builder, restaurant owner…whatever…I definitely can help


Price for this service is dependent of amount of work required in article submission, blog writing and acquiring links.

However, we normally charge £400 per month for at least 3 months for 10 keywords relating to your business and geographical area.