Podcasting For Business

All businesses should have a
Podcast of their own.

There’s a bold statement!

If you want to connect with your customers in a really personal way, if you want to be THE authority in your niche as a mortgage adviser, bike shop owner, beauty salon owner etc. You have to show that you are knowledgeable about your subject, the services you offer and demonstrate your capabilities.


Now before you leave this page thinking that I’m some sort of nutter – Hear me out!!

People buy from from people they know, like and trust. I know its cliche to say this, but its true.

One of the quickest ways to connect with potential customers is through speaking to them – To make the most sales in any business, you have to get in front of customers

Now lets say someone comes to your bicycle website and listens to you or one of your staff tell them about the latest widget that’s going to Podcasting for businessrevolutionise the way people ride bikes, they surely would listen … Bingo you’ve just made a connection.

Now let’s say you made a series of recordings giving advice on safety when riding a bike, the latest lighting technology, or an interview with a customer who has ridden one of your bikes from Land’s End to John O’Groats…If you were interested in bicycling you probably would listen right?

Its been proven many times that you may have to have 7-10 contacts with potential customers, through email, posted mail, adverts etc, before that are ready to buy.

But here is a way to shorten that process – With a series of podcasts, your prospect will connect with you quicker AND on a deeper level.

People don’t always have time to read brochures and most marketing material ends up in the bin pretty quickly.

But the reason audio books and podcasts are now so popular is that people make time to listen to them on the commute to and from work, walking the dog, in the gym or whilst they are working.

The proliferation of smart phones means that it is now so much easier to listen to audio, equally it is so much easier to produce content – Just using a smart phone (like an iPhone)

Also Podcasts are portable — and because of they’re portability, they’re more personal.

podcasting for businessWith Podcasting the listener and podcaster are connected on a more personal level.

So I would urge you to consider using Podcasts to demonstrate your knowledge, authority and be the expert that people want to listen to.

Here are a couple of podcasts that I have hosted in the past one of them received over 1000 downloads in just 3 months…

They were recorded in my studio with a phone link..Simple and effective

podcasting for business

If you want to set up your own podcast give me a call and let’s have a chat!

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