My Other Business- Restuarant Marketing

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I do have other businesses that I am involved in, they are mostly as a consultant.

Until February 2009 I owned a couple of restaurants.

As I loved the marketing more that the actual running of them, I sold up and now have a small consultancy and one of the things I offer is an email marketing service.

It only costs £100 per month and it basically will do all of your marketing for you, without you actually doing hardly anything…No Really or

If you are a local restaurant owner, in any town, then this will work for you.

I set up a database of your customers and then send out emails to that list. How we get that database can be discussed and its easy.

One Chinese restaurant I work for now has over 850 people on his databases in just 6 months. This meant that when he went to promote his “Chinese New Year” celebration night, we sent 2 email out 2 weeks apart and by the 2nd week of January he was sold out…3 weeks early.

If you own a restaurant or a business with a regular or even not so regular set of customers, then take a look at my site.

It can relate to any business and it is totally hands off by you the business owner.

Hot Plate Marketing

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