How To Get More Sales Today – Yes Today

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Are you looking to get more sales more often.

Then the one thing you really must have is a database.

And you should be using this as much as any other tool in your business. Collecting names, telephone numbers, addresses and emails is a great way to continue marketing to those people who already bought from you and even the ones that haven’t bought from you yet. But you should be trying to capture this information so that you can market to them now or later.

I’m not saying you have to bombard them all the time. But do give them an opportunity to opt into your newsletter, or to sign up for a free gift. But always give them the opportunity to opt out at any time. This is very important, easily allow them to opt out.

We all know how awful is to continually receive junk in the mail..Its only junk by the way, if its not of importance to you. If it’s important to you, you wouldn’t call it junk. In fact if it’s information that you wish to receive and it’s content you look forward to receiving, then it’s not junk.

Its when it's not relevant, that it becomes worthless and that is junk.

With a database of people relevant to your business, you can start to segment people into certain groups.By that I mean you could have different segments say for first time buyers, Repeat customers and those that haven’t bought yet.

It could even be are a tyre kicker…and we should all love tyre kickers – because, as I mentioned earlier, we don’t always get the sale on the first visit from the potential client, it’s likely that it will be further down the line.

If your database has segmentation this could allow you to upsell, cross sell or down sell your products.

With a DB you can contact your customers or potential customers more often and get in front of people inexpensively. Lets face it, you’ve spent the money already for advertising or marketing to get them to come to your business or to your website, now you should be nurturing them.

During slow periods, its great to have a database to send out offers, promotions or worthy information that is of value to the prospect.There are slow periods in most businesses, a time when you need a bump in sales to meet wages and you can’t send out promotional messages, if you haven’t got a database.

My First Database

My first database, for my first restaurant was simply a list of names that I collected from the tables. I then used a word processor to print off address labels and stick them carefully on a postcard that was designed by the local printer. This was in 1996.

I got my first DB software two years later a product called ACT, which is still available today. And it made my life so much easier. I could send out printed offers to new customers, remind customers that we hadn’t seen them for a while and also as we collected birthday dates, we could send out birthday offers too.

Of course nowadays, it is so much more simple and the information you can glean from your customers is limitless for your marketing.

The important thing is to get the (potential) customer’s details into a DB. This can be done by placing an iPad or tablet on the counter of your business or if its a restaurant take the tablet to the customer’s table and try and get as many email addresses as possible from that table.

Or you could get the email address of your visitors to your website. You could offer a sweet or a free starter. 10% off their next service…It depends on your business.

You need to give a high perceived value, that costs you little.

And this is important, you have to offer something to get their details.

People are reluctant just to give up their email address without some incentive, the better the incentive, the more likely you are going to succeed. You need to give a high perceived value, that costs you little.

Best time to start a database
Its a bit like when’s the best time to plant a tree..The best time to start a DB is now. Start collecting info now.

There are many Database’s to choose from, some are very easy, some are very complicated – some are very expensive and some are not.

If you want some help in choosing what’s right for you, or some ideas on the best ways to use a database, get in touch.

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