Google+ For Small Business In Surrey and Hampshire

People are searching for YOUR business
on-line right now.

They are not roaming the streets looking for your business or

a business like yours…..They are turning to the internet.


  • 91% of all internet users use a search engine to find information
    (Source Pew Internet )
  • 51% of consumers search on-line before making a purchase off-line.
    Source: Verdict Research)
  • 82% off local searches result in off-line actions.
    (Source Comscore)
  • 97% of consumers now look on-line when researching products or services in their local area.

This means that your possible customers are searching for your business to find out more about your services.

Of course many of these searches are done on a mobile, so obviously you should make sure that your site is optimised so that your site shows up either above or amongst those business on the front page of Google.

Did You Know

  • 28% of people in the UK have purchased something using their phone
  • 1 in 4 UK consumers are using the mobile to access the Internet every day (that’s about 15 million).

Google Has Given Local Businesses A Huge Boost.

In the last 12 months, Google has given all local businesses the opportunity to be on the front page of Google.

Previously it was only the big sites like, Qype, TouchLocal who could easily get to the top of Google.

But then Google made the decision, they turned their map listings into Google+ For Business and now your business can leapfrog above many of these large directories.

“This means that now you can get more exposure for your business, more footfall and more leads.

You can tap into hundreds of local customers actively searching on-line for a business.

When you claim and activate your Google+ For Business, you’ll gain instant exposure to local Google and mobile phone searches too.

We have worked with many local businesses helping to achieve the top positions in the search engines, helping them to get more leads and sales.

And we can help your business too.

We can help you claim and optimise your Google+ For Business. We can help your to get your business to the top of the search engines and help you stay there.

Google generally gives over just 7 spots on the first page of Google for the keywords that are being searched for.

To give your site the best chance of getting to AND staying on the front page, your Google+ For Business, must be be optimised correctly.

Having your pictures and videos correctly optimised is very important, so is choosing the right “keywords” to rank on the first page is too. Plus having citations (backlinks) to your Places Page is very important too.

We can help you with this important listing..Its probably THE most important for your business. And it probably isn’t as expensive as you think.

Just £297

For this we will claim your page for you, (if you haven’t already), then we take over your page and optimise it by adding your 10 photos, which we will tag correctly.

We will also create one picture video, which we will submit to YouTube. We will research the right keywords for your business and make sure the your Places Page is optimised for the correct keywords.

We will create 5 citations on the top directories that relate to your business.

We will assign the proper categories and prepare your page for the correct citations.

We will make sure your Google+ For Business is completed 100%, the correct way as stipulated by Google.

With our help you will be able to:

  • Tap into hundreds of local customers actively seeking your products and services online every month
  • Gain instant exposure to local Google and mobile phone searches
  • Enjoy a customised page high up the Google rankings, with special offers, photographs and even customer reviews
  • Enjoy increased sales and footfall without any extra effort, time or staff commitment on your part
  • Become the number one choice in your local area and gain the edge over competitors who don’t use this service

It doesn’t matter what kind of business that you operate, you need to be at the top of Google and we can help you. Also having a well optimised Google+ For Business can also help boost the rankings of your existing website.

So call us today and get your Google+ For Business to the top of the search engines and get more customers and leads.

We can set up your Google+ For Business Page within 1 week

for just £297

07712 777 822 01252 872834