Email Marketing

Here are 10 Email Marketing
Tips for Local Businesses

1. Develop an Email Marketing Plan First
This is critically important. Ask yourself the question why are you sending out emails What are you hoping to achieve

2. Build a Targeted List of Subscribers
There’s no point is sending our emails to all and sundry The emails that get best response are aimed at a targeted audience

3. Use Accurate Subject Lines
Don’t try and fool the recipient into reading your email by not having a message that relates to the subject line, it only angers readers and makes them unsubscribe from your list.

4. Keep Your Content Relevant
The content you put in your emails must be relevant to that person

5. Write Your Messages to ONE Person
Don’t start the email with Hi everyone..Try and make it personal by using their first name

6. Make Sure Emails are Mobile-Friendly
over 50% percent of people use their mobile to read emails

7. Keep Your Emails Short & Sweet
This is especially important for mobile readers, who don’t want pages of words to read.

8. Provide Helpful Information
Every email you send out should provide free information or an offer. Send out 5 informational emails to every offer email..

9. Test Your Campaigns
Its a good idea to split test your emails so that you can see which ones are read -Simple to set up, but its something a lot of businesses do not do.

10. Make Unsubscribing Easy
There is no point sending emails out to people who don’t want to receive them anymore.

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