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Carpet Trade Centre Basingstoke Video

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One of the clients that I work with on the SEO side is the Carpet Trade Centre in Basingstoke. I rebuilt their site, because they were not on any of the front pages of Google for their keywords. I also worked on optimising their site, along with a few other things and now they are on the first and second pages for “their” keywords. I made a quick video advert for them as...

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Advertising In Camberley

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If you want to advertise your business in the Camberley area, I can thoroughly recommend The BestOf Camberley. The site is run by John Udal, who since taking over the site earlier this year has made great strides in getting together some of the best businesses locally. Its a great advertising medium, because it is a Portal, a kind of “Go To” site to find local business. In fact it actually gets 10,000 hits each month. Because it is part of a national network of the “BestOf” sites, it commands a great presence on the web. It has the great benefit of having lots of “Incoming” links from other sites throughout the UK. Which if you know anything about how the internet works with SEO (search engine optimisation), you’ll know that this is very good for getting your site ranked in Google.. The other night John joined forces with “The BestOf Woking” to hold a networking event at Bisley Artistes club, (which by the the way is a great place to hold such an event). I recorded several interviews and put them all together in the video below to give a flavour of the kind of people who attended. Watch Advertising Your Business In Camberley and Woking in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at...

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