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“Making a video about your local business is not expensive”

Today it really is in-expensive to create a video….

But, what are the benefits of having video on your website.

  • You can show off your product easily
  • You can demonstrate your services
  • You can become a local celebrity in your niche
  • Easier than writing a sales page
  • You the business owner can “sell” your business with passion (Don’t want to front the video yourself, no problem, there are alternative methods to get your message across)

Previously it was so expensive to broadcast your message on television screens locally. And although a lot of adverts are seen by a “lot” of people, they were not necessarily the right kind of “people”. Because television adverts by their nature are broadcast to EVERYONE and not specifically one group. So now your prospects can be targeted more easily, in fact laser targeted.

Google has changed the way people search for businesses and since they bought YouTube, they have found ways to monetise videos. And now Google are including video in the normal organic listings.

When someone types what they are looking into the search box of Google, they are looking for something specific, like a hairdresser, but they wont just put into the search box  “hairdresser”, they are more likely to type “hairdresser Camberley” and Google is very good in most cases of giving us names of relevant businesses or information.

90% of people who search for a business, service or product use the internet and of that 90%, a high majority of those searches are on Google.

Yellow Pages, Thomsons directories and local newspaper advertising does not have the same effect any more.

You have to be on the first page of GOOGLE locally

But how do you get onto the first page, (without paying for the adverts that you see there)?

This is called search engine optimisation or SEO as it more commonly called. This in itself is a whole subject to itself, which I wont go into here.

However one way of getting onto the front page of Google is through the use of video. I have had terrific success with videos and have been able to get first page on Google on many occasions. And getting on Google’s first page is very important, as many searchers do not go beyond the first page.

Google bought YouTube for a reason, to eventually monetise the videos. And although you can sponsor videos on YouTube and you can sponsor your own videos. But the best route is to make your own videos that truly show off the quality products or services that you offer.

What sort of videos can be made:

Any business that can demonstrate what they do, such as

  • A tyre fitter can demonstrate how they check pressures and explain why we need to make sure our tracking is adjusted properly.
  • An osteopath could demonstrate how they treat their patients, same for a dentist, sports trainer, golfer.
  • An engineering company could show off its processes.
  • An owner of a company could explain the services that they offer
  • A cleaning company could demonstrate the thoroughness of its work
  • An accountant could give brief advice on a change in rules
  • A solicitor could tell you why you need to have a will or what part a solicitor plays in conveyancing

Almost any business could benefit by having a video made about their company, its services, offers, promotions or even meet the staff.

The opportunities are endless.

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