Carpet Trade Centre Basingstoke Video

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One of the clients that I work with on the SEO side is the Carpet Trade Centre in Basingstoke.

I rebuilt their site, because they were not on any of the front pages of Google for their keywords.

I also worked on optimising their site, along with a few other things and now they are on the first and second pages for “their” keywords.

I made a quick video advert for them as well..

New Client Video For Hampshire Business

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Just posted a new video on YouTube for Source Supplies.

They provide Cleaning products and janitorial supplies throughout hampshire.

A couple of young lads with great ambition to be the best in the business.

Take a look…Need a video for your business, prices from £299

Top Business Marketing and Media Experts Live In Windsor

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Just put my name down for an all day business and marketing event, in WINDSOR that could help small businesses in the Camberley area.

Debbie Allen, Marie O’Riordan & Tracy Repchuk are 3 very successful women marketers.

Now, I got to tell you,  its not often you get  a chance to discover the secrets to marketing success from 3 of the world’s top business, marketing and media experts … all in one place. The information you will learn at this first-class event is PROVEN and GUARANTEED to work!

The event is being put on by two local entrepreneurs Mike Jones and Jason Jackman from Dream Business Results their company is based in Frimley

Mike and Jason have got a website that can tell you more about it, but the fact that its only in Windsor, its just one day and its very inexpensive for this kind of event, means its got to be something you consider.

I’m going to learn some new techniques from the experts, I think all business owners should consider taking a day off to work at your business, rather than in your business.

You can find more details by clicking on this link:

How You Can Update Your Website Easily

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Calling all small businesses in Camberley, Farnborough and Fleet..Have you ever wanted to update your website yourself, or add a picture of a new product..

But you can’t because “its too difficult”. After all, what do you know about html or .php

So you phone up your web designer who quotes you £50 to make these small changes and this makes you decide that its not worth it after all.

So when someone comes to your site for the first time, they see dated information.

Even worse, is when one of your customers or clients come back to your website and see that it hasn’t changed in months.

Well now, I’d like to tell you about a brand new service that I am starting up called ““, don’t go there yet because I haven’t set up the site.

Here is the situation for a lot of small business owners in the UK. They have a site that has 5 or 6 pages, that they like the look of and don’t want to change, but the site is actually not bringing them any business, in fact unless it has fresh content, its likely to be dropped further down the listings, especially now that Google has introduced its new way of indexing called caffeine…Click for more details

So you do need to update your site from time to time or as often as possible.

But you need a way of doing it that is easy. Now I know there are CRM websites, but these are normally for bigger companies and institutions.

What I am talking about here is a simple system that works like a word processor. It must be easy to use, you must be able to add pictures, text, video and any other form of media as needed.

And you don’t have to change the layout of your site.

Imagine finding a video on YouTube that you think might be suitable for your website and might help your customers. Then taking that video (there are lots of videos available for all industries) and just putting it on your site along with a little explanation from you…

Don’t you think your visitors would appreciate your company (your website) for bringing them this information, if it pertains to what they are looking for.

After all, the main reason we go on to Google for is INFORMATION.

Recently I worked with a company in Basingstoke called The Carpet Trade Centre

Dave who owns the company did not to change the look of the site, but he wanted to update the site himself.

So now I have converted the site to this new system and now he can update as often as he likes.

Dave has a small site of around 6 pages and I have now added a blog, which means he can add more pages when ever he wishes.

If you are in a similar situation and want a site that you can update easily yourself, give me a call and I’ll give you a quote.

Price?. Well I can’t tell you what I charged Dave at That wouldn’t be right.

But, if you have a 4-8 page website that needs to converting, allow around £400

Honey We Shrunk The Yellow Pages

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The latest version of the yellow pages for Hampshire came through my door the other day. Literally through my letterbox.advertising in camberley

Nowadays its about the size of an A5 leaflet, but of course a bit thicker. In the hey day of the Yellow Pages, it was a real chunky directory, but it seems people just don’t advertise in it any more.

Well of course that’s not true, because there are 520 pages of ads. But how many of those companies will be advertising next year or in 2-3 years. Probably nowhere near of course.

Its surprising that they’ve even got 520 pages sold.

But some companies don’t monitor where there phone call enquiries come from, so they just leave the Ad running, BECAUSE, “We’ve always have advertised in the Yellow Pages”.

I want to make one thing clear here…Having  a lineage ad with their online site is a good thing to have, because it provides a good quality “backlink” to your site.

Yellow Pages have finally taken things by the horn and moved most of there advertisers on-line.

The days of printed advertising booklets are coming to and end.

Its just far too easy to fire up Google and get the answer or service your looking for on-line.

So if people are going on-line to find answers, product and services, make sure they find you on the first page of Google above your competitors.

Not only that, make sure you know what they’re looking for.

If you need help with that, call me for a FREE site evaluation.


Internet Services for Surrey and Hampshire

Windlesham Golf Club

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Need A Promotional Video For Your Website

Don’t Want to Pay Any More Than £299

Please Call Me

Here is a video I made recently for Windlesham Golf Club on behalf of theBestOf Camberley

If you would like a video made about your business or service to drive traffic back to your site, please call me

How Much Does it cost? How does it work? How long does it take?

This price will also include a voice-over if required, although you or one of your colleagues may wish to talk on the video yourselves.

During our initial discussion, I will find out what you want to achieve with the video or videos. We will discuss locations, a general theme and options available.

Prior to filming a further discussion will take place and I will give you some pointers on preparing for the filming session.

BOOK ME TODAY CALL 07712 777 822

Filming normally takes around two hours and I would hope to have your video fully edited within two to three days days.

Any logos or stills to be used in the video would have to provided prior to filming.

I will give you a copy of the video to pass onto your webmaster so you can put it on your website and I will upload your video to the top video sites on the internet, including YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe, Viddler and various others

Usher Media and YouTubeUsher Media Working with Google Video

This is a very Special Offer. So don’t miss out.

Call me right now for a free consultation
07712 777 822 / 01252 872834

Email ME

Getting Your Videos On-Line

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I believe that one of the best ways to promote your business is by using video.

To make it all very easy for you, there is a company called Traffic Geyser who have really given us some great tools that we can use to drive more traffic which means more leads and sales.

Now this is a program that I and many others are having great results with.

Its not cheap but it does work. Just go and check it out.

Traffic Geyser

Camberley Businesses Must Wake Up To Video Marketing

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I firmly believe that local businesses in Surrey Heath, are missing out on marketing their business in an extremely easy and effective way.

Google owns YouTube, Google loves social media and the number one social media site is YOU TUBE .

I have made videos for local businesses that have seen a page 1 ranking on Google within a couple of hours.

Now, what all local companies want is to be on the first page of the search engines, don’t they?

If you own a local business and you don’t think its that important, then  you should stop reading this now and just have a listing in yellow pages, along with the other 25 or 30 plumbers, carpenters, removal companies, flower shops etc.

Now let me clarify something here… Getting an entry on Yellow Pages and having them link back to your business, is a good quality link, or even better, getting an advert on the local advertising and marketing directory The Best Of Camberley is a great way forward too. But lets be honest, when was the last time YOU looked in Yellow Pages for a local business.

In this day and age of choice for services and products, you have to stand out. And making a short video about your business can achieve this.

Either a straight promotional 1 or 2 minute video with you as the spokesperson, or a video using slides in a kind of power point presentation.

Just having a website with some pictures on, or a listing in yellow pages, is one dimensional. The way forward is at least two dimensional.

With a video, the potential lead or customer can see your company in action and can hear you talking about your business. This simply was not possible a couple of years ago, because it was too expensive.

Now you an make a video with free software for next to nothing and if you want something more polished, with titles, royalty free music and a voice-over, then talk to me.

If you want to show off your business and get page 1 rankings in the search engines, then get on board the video marketing train, ahead of everyone else.

Google’s new “Places” ….It could help Surrey Businesses

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Local companies in Camberley and surrounding areas, will soon be able to advertise their business services very cheaply with a new service.

Google are overhauling their “Local Business Centre”, in fact they are changing its name to Google Places.

What you ar going to get is an enhanced listing, using tagging to locate your business and to help local people find you business more easily.

So far it has only been rolled out to certain cities in the USA, but it is on the way.

For $25 per month businesses can add a tag to a local Google map, to which you can add additional information. You will also find any testimonials about your business there too.

According to Google this will not help your Google search rankings, but it will give you a higher profile, because your listing will stand out from the other normal page listings.

If you haven’t “Claimed” you free listing in Google then click here.

Every business should at least have a free Google listing as they show up on maps on page one of the normal search listings.

Google has very kindly made a video so we can understand where they are coming from.

Don’t for get to get your business listed

Search Engine Optimisation For Camberley businesses

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Getting you local business on the front page of the search engines if you are based in Camberley, Frimley or Sandhurst isn’t so difficult. But can be time consuming if you want to do it for free.

But is anything really free?

OK so how can you get your business ahead of all the other local plumbers, tile shop owners, garages, personal trainers etc.

Well first of all, you go with the paid advertising that Google offers called PPC (paid per click).

As you look at the pages of Google, after you have entered a search term, at the top in most pages you will see one or two paid for ads, normally highlighted in a yellow/sandstone colour, or on the right down the side, under the greyed out title “sponsored links”. These are the paid for adverts.

But what I am talking about is the organic listings down the left hand side. The “Organic” Listings”. These are not paid for in money terms to Google, but to get a listing on the front page does cost you time.

To get your site onto the front page of Google, your site has to be optimised, this is called “Search Engine Optimisation” (SEO).

Now please be aware, this piece has been written for lay people and not search engine experts, so this is a simplified version of SEO.

SEO is not difficult and generally means tweaking your site or getting other site linking to your site, generally called “Back linking”. In fact SEO is a subject that could probably span a thousand pages and just skim the surface.

But before we get into all this, we have to start at the beginning by understanding, that you need to know how people are looking for and finding you, by doing some word research. Called appropriately  “keyword research”

There are many ways to do keyword research, but Google offers a free research tool, just do a search for “keyword tool”.

So lets say you have a garage in Camberley that services cars. Go to the keyword tool from google, enter the keyword “garage camberley” and you will see from the results at the top that there are 1000 searches per month for that keyword term.

So quite simply, you create a page on your website (I will tell you an easy way to do this shortly) and in the title of your page you include the words “garage camberley”, a typical page might be called “Get your car serviced by “Camberley’s top Garage” or something similar. I’m sure you can see what I mean.

Now as you look at the keyword tool results, you will see that some of the terms displayed do not have a lot of searches per month and if you were promoting something nationally or  worldwide, there would not be enough searches per month.

But if you take the top searches in the UK like “car servicing” and add the word “Camberley” then you write a page about that and put it on your website, you will get hits on your site.

Take the other terms and do the same “car valeting Camberley”, “MOT Camberley”.

Now one of the biggest problems for most local businesses, is they do not have control of their website. If they have a big corporate website with lots of pages and shopping carts, then for a novice, its best to stay away. But you should be able to contribute to your own site. But a lot of web masters say its too complicated… ****OCKS

If you set up a blog as an add on to your site, it is just like writing a word document.

All my customers that I have built sites for are running on a blog platform, which means that after a little training and I mean a little, you could be adding items that would get you on the front page of Google. …But i digress.

Ok, so lets assume you have some pages written and you have uploaded them (via your blog for example) to your website, now we have to optimise.

There are two types of optimisation that I want to talk about here.

  1. On page optimisation
  2. Off page optimisation.

As I mentioned earlier this is a big subject and I can only cover it briefly here

On page optimisation means optimising your web that you have created. So you have to make sure that your page title is correct and has one that corresponds to what you have written about, no point have a page about “Paving Your Garden” when the title is “Home Decorating Tips”

So once the title is right, you want to create some anchor text and html links.

An anchor link would be a link to somewhere else on the same page or to another page on your website and you need links via an html link to other sites for further information (obviously not a competitor site) or maybe to an offer on your site. But Google loves to see links from your site to a relative subject.

There are other things like making sure your town is mentioned in the first line if possible and what the page is about, but make sure you don’t stuff the page full of keywords that you think would help your page rankings…They wont….Write for a real live visitor.

Off page optimisation means backlinks. That’s right, you have to get back links to your site, preferably a site that has a higher ranking in the search engines and that relates to your core subject.

If you had a blog, you could comment on other people’s and add a backlink to your site, you could ask others in a related business for a backlink and give them a reciprocal one.

You could make a video and add a backlink, make a podcast, add photos to flickr or you could write some articles and post them on directories.
Locally, getting a link on TheBestOF Camberley has got to be one of the best links to get, yes you have to pay but as they get over 10,000 hits per month from people looking for local businesses in Camberley, Frimley, Sandhurst and the other local areas, you should make this part of your local marketing strategy as well.

These are just some ideas, there are of course many more.

If you set up a blog you could do these thing easily. Ask your webmaster to set up a blog for you, but make sure it is powered by WordPress and if your webmaster doesn’t know how to do this, give me a call.

All my customers have a Word Press blog for good reason.

Sean Usher

07712 777 822 01252 872834