How To Get A Top 3 Position On Google In Surrey

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Being at the top of the search engines for your keyword is very important, if you ever want to get any leads or business from using this internet thingy….

Especially for your key words….

If you want to get any traffic (visitors) to your website, you will increase the chances dramatically by being in the top 3 positions for the “keyword (s)” yu have decided to go after.

Recent information tells us that if your are in position 1 of Google, you will get 46% of all clicks. In position 2. 30%, position 3. 13%…position 5. 2.5% and so on to position 10 and you’ll get just 0.15%

So, as you can see it pays to be in the top 3. But how do you achieve this?


Flooring Company Basingstoke

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When it comes to flooring in Basingstoke, one of my clients is very proactive in promotion.

We’ve made a few videos for him now and posted them on various sites including YouTube.

Here is a video I made for him

Advertising In Camberley

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Video Advertising in Surrey is the reason for our next video.

John Udal is the owner of The BestOf Camberley an advertising and promotional portal for Camberley and Surrey Heath Borough

He has taken over the old Camberley Mall’s billboard on the A30.

Its big and its long, stretching to over 125 ft. It can be viewed from the road, which has over has over 30,000 cars passing every day.

John wanted a video that told of this new and different advertising and promotion medium in Camberley.

After all, if you want to stand out, you cannot advertise in the same place all the time, otherwise your ads just get skimmed over, like placing the same weekly ad in the paper.

So if you want to go for something new, give John a call…

Flintstone Landscape and Construction

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We make business videos for small businesses in Surrey and Hampshire.

Recently we were approached by Flintstone Landscapes in Sandhurst to produce a video of them finishing off a garden project.

They were using a new product called Weatherpoint 365.

It was a bright morning in Woking when we recorded this video, which took us about 2 hours.

Shaun Alexander, the owner wanted a promotional video made featuring himself as the business owner introducing the product.

Shaun, although not used to being on camera, made a good job of presenter.

Internet video marketing works well for small businesses, because like all internet marketing, the adverts or videos can be laser targeted to the person looking for the information about that service or product at that time.

If you would like a video made, call me for online video production in Surrey and Hampshire

Where is your site ranked on the Worldwide Web

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Page Rank for your business

If Google is ranked number 1, Facebook is number 2 and YouTube is number 4, where is your site ranked.

There are millions of websites in the UK, but how do you know where yours is ranked.

Well a simple FREE downloadable toolbar is available which will give you the information you are looking for.

Why is it important to know your page rank? Well the more information that you have about how your site is performing, the more you can do to improve its rankings and ultimately improve the traffic flow to your site

Now we all know that you should have the free analytics from Google installed and if you are not receiving weekly or monthly reports about how people are finding your site i.e. what pages they are visiting, how long they stay on your site, what keywords they are using to find you etc. Then your web master should have his/her shins kicked.

“If you don’t know the stats, how can you improve anything?”

Often, when a new client comes to me at Usher Media, I will take a look at their site to see their overall ranking. If they are ranked around 1 Million, then I know they are getting some traffic, if they are ranked around 500K they are getting a great deal of traffic to their site. Less that 200K very good and lower, well quite frankly excellent.

Then I will ask for their Google analytics report (free), which invariably the webmaster has not provided them with, mostly because they know the site they made for their client isn’t working.

This tool is an excellent free tool from You just download this add-on to your toolbar and your off and running.

Its great for spying on your competition too, just to see if they are getting any traffic at all.

There are other paid tools, but this is a great free one.

If you need any help with your seo or you are interested in video marketing for your business, contact

Carpet Trade Centre Basingstoke Video

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One of the clients that I work with on the SEO side is the Carpet Trade Centre in Basingstoke.

I rebuilt their site, because they were not on any of the front pages of Google for their keywords.

I also worked on optimising their site, along with a few other things and now they are on the first and second pages for “their” keywords.

I made a quick video advert for them as well..

New Client Video For Hampshire Business

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Just posted a new video on YouTube for Source Supplies.

They provide Cleaning products and janitorial supplies throughout hampshire.

A couple of young lads with great ambition to be the best in the business.

Take a look…Need a video for your business, prices from £299

Top Business Marketing and Media Experts Live In Windsor

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Just put my name down for an all day business and marketing event, in WINDSOR that could help small businesses in the Camberley area.

Debbie Allen, Marie O’Riordan & Tracy Repchuk are 3 very successful women marketers.

Now, I got to tell you,  its not often you get  a chance to discover the secrets to marketing success from 3 of the world’s top business, marketing and media experts … all in one place. The information you will learn at this first-class event is PROVEN and GUARANTEED to work!

The event is being put on by two local entrepreneurs Mike Jones and Jason Jackman from Dream Business Results their company is based in Frimley

Mike and Jason have got a website that can tell you more about it, but the fact that its only in Windsor, its just one day and its very inexpensive for this kind of event, means its got to be something you consider.

I’m going to learn some new techniques from the experts, I think all business owners should consider taking a day off to work at your business, rather than in your business.

You can find more details by clicking on this link:

How You Can Update Your Website Easily

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Calling all small businesses in Camberley, Farnborough and Fleet..Have you ever wanted to update your website yourself, or add a picture of a new product..

But you can’t because “its too difficult”. After all, what do you know about html or .php

So you phone up your web designer who quotes you £50 to make these small changes and this makes you decide that its not worth it after all.

So when someone comes to your site for the first time, they see dated information.

Even worse, is when one of your customers or clients come back to your website and see that it hasn’t changed in months.

Well now, I’d like to tell you about a brand new service that I am starting up called ““, don’t go there yet because I haven’t set up the site.

Here is the situation for a lot of small business owners in the UK. They have a site that has 5 or 6 pages, that they like the look of and don’t want to change, but the site is actually not bringing them any business, in fact unless it has fresh content, its likely to be dropped further down the listings, especially now that Google has introduced its new way of indexing called caffeine…Click for more details

So you do need to update your site from time to time or as often as possible.

But you need a way of doing it that is easy. Now I know there are CRM websites, but these are normally for bigger companies and institutions.

What I am talking about here is a simple system that works like a word processor. It must be easy to use, you must be able to add pictures, text, video and any other form of media as needed.

And you don’t have to change the layout of your site.

Imagine finding a video on YouTube that you think might be suitable for your website and might help your customers. Then taking that video (there are lots of videos available for all industries) and just putting it on your site along with a little explanation from you…

Don’t you think your visitors would appreciate your company (your website) for bringing them this information, if it pertains to what they are looking for.

After all, the main reason we go on to Google for is INFORMATION.

Recently I worked with a company in Basingstoke called The Carpet Trade Centre

Dave who owns the company did not to change the look of the site, but he wanted to update the site himself.

So now I have converted the site to this new system and now he can update as often as he likes.

Dave has a small site of around 6 pages and I have now added a blog, which means he can add more pages when ever he wishes.

If you are in a similar situation and want a site that you can update easily yourself, give me a call and I’ll give you a quote.

Price?. Well I can’t tell you what I charged Dave at That wouldn’t be right.

But, if you have a 4-8 page website that needs to converting, allow around £400

Honey We Shrunk The Yellow Pages

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The latest version of the yellow pages for Hampshire came through my door the other day. Literally through my letterbox.advertising in camberley

Nowadays its about the size of an A5 leaflet, but of course a bit thicker. In the hey day of the Yellow Pages, it was a real chunky directory, but it seems people just don’t advertise in it any more.

Well of course that’s not true, because there are 520 pages of ads. But how many of those companies will be advertising next year or in 2-3 years. Probably nowhere near of course.

Its surprising that they’ve even got 520 pages sold.

But some companies don’t monitor where there phone call enquiries come from, so they just leave the Ad running, BECAUSE, “We’ve always have advertised in the Yellow Pages”.

I want to make one thing clear here…Having  a lineage ad with their online site is a good thing to have, because it provides a good quality “backlink” to your site.

Yellow Pages have finally taken things by the horn and moved most of there advertisers on-line.

The days of printed advertising booklets are coming to and end.

Its just far too easy to fire up Google and get the answer or service your looking for on-line.

So if people are going on-line to find answers, product and services, make sure they find you on the first page of Google above your competitors.

Not only that, make sure you know what they’re looking for.

If you need help with that, call me for a FREE site evaluation.


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