Video Marketing Surrey and Hampshire

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If you need a video made about your business, I can help..

I make promotional style videos for companies throughout the South of England.



Video For Local Stove and Fireplace Company

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This is a video I made for

They are a well established family run Fireplace and Stove Company with a reputation built on quality and customer service. “They are a local company for local people and serve customers within a 25 mile radius of Fleet”… From their website.

This video takes the form of an advert, for the Charnwood C4 Stove., but it’s more of an infomercial.  Whereby the product is explained, but without the salesy pitch.

It explains the features and benefits of the product, it talks about the company that makes the product and features the logo for Eco Fires and Stoves throughout.

Video Marketing

Of course just having one video is not going to get you much notice on YouTube, nor can making one video for your company be called video marketing.. A series of videos inexpensively produced, will give more traction than one expensively produced and shot glamour video..

Remember that people are not watching TV here, they are searching on line for information..


Video for Basingstoke Business

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Here is a video I made for The Carpet Trade Centre in Basingstoke

This is a video advert for a this flooring company.

I used stock photos from Karndean Flooring, wrote the script, added music and voiced it myself.

Please contact me if you would like a video made about your business

Survey Reveals Rise In Social Media Use

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Collecting emails on your website automatically, is a must for businesses in Surrey and Hampshire…

A recent survey by Constant Contact reveals that more and more small businesses are using social media to spread the word about their companies. But that doesn’t mean that they’re giving up on other forms of marketing.

When asked “what keeps them up at night,” 80% of the respondents said attracting new customers; 52% said finding better ways to encourage customers to refer their business; and 48% said not having adequate cash flow to run their businesses effectively.

To address those issues, a greater number of small businesses are adding social media to their marketing arsenal. Of the 1,500-plus respondents to the survey, 73% are currently using this form of marketing, and among that group, 80% reported that their usage of social media marketing has increased in the past 12 months. Of the 27% not already using social media for marketing purposes, 62% said they will be using it at some point in the next year.

Of social media’s “Big Three,” Facebook was cited most by respondents, with 95% saying they use it and 82% saying they find it to be an effective tool. Twitter and LinkedIn were neck-and-neck, with 60% citing the former and 58% citing the latter. For both Twitter and LinkedIn, 47% of respondents said they find the social media site effective for marketing. Video sharing tools such as YouTube were mentioned as well–by 45% of respondents–and nearly three-quarters of respondents (73%) find video sharing to be effective.

“What’s important to note, though, is that social media is not replacing other types of marketing, such as email, website, and event marketing,” said Mark Schmulen, general manager of social media at Constant Contact, in an interview. “Of respondents, 91% still use email marketing, for example.”

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

Email, in fact, remains the killer app, Schmulen said, pointing out that 83% of survey respondents said that checking email is the first thing they do when they go online. Among those surveyed, 72% said they check email six times or more each day; only 13% said they check Facebook that frequently.

“Ultimately, social media is just one component of an effective, integrated marketing strategy,” said Schmulen. “As our CEO Gail Goodman likes to say, email marketing lights the fire; social media marketing fans the flames.”


Networking In Surrey

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I caught up with Keith Grover, (its about time someone did) recently to talk about his website Networking In Surrey.

Keith started the website in 2010. It lists nearly all the networking events in Surrey and is regularly updated.

Its free to join and you can start a blog on the site and link back any post you make to your own site. This is great for your search engine optimisation.

After watching the video about networking in surrey, please feel free to leave a comment, with a backlink to your site

This is part 1

How To Get A Top 3 Position On Google In Surrey

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Being at the top of the search engines for your keyword is very important, if you ever want to get any leads or business from using this internet thingy….

Especially for your key words….

If you want to get any traffic (visitors) to your website, you will increase the chances dramatically by being in the top 3 positions for the “keyword (s)” yu have decided to go after.

Recent information tells us that if your are in position 1 of Google, you will get 46% of all clicks. In position 2. 30%, position 3. 13%…position 5. 2.5% and so on to position 10 and you’ll get just 0.15%

So, as you can see it pays to be in the top 3. But how do you achieve this?


Flooring Company Basingstoke

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When it comes to flooring in Basingstoke, one of my clients is very proactive in promotion.

We’ve made a few videos for him now and posted them on various sites including YouTube.

Here is a video I made for him

Advertising In Camberley

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Video Advertising in Surrey is the reason for our next video.

John Udal is the owner of The BestOf Camberley an advertising and promotional portal for Camberley and Surrey Heath Borough

He has taken over the old Camberley Mall’s billboard on the A30.

Its big and its long, stretching to over 125 ft. It can be viewed from the road, which has over has over 30,000 cars passing every day.

John wanted a video that told of this new and different advertising and promotion medium in Camberley.

After all, if you want to stand out, you cannot advertise in the same place all the time, otherwise your ads just get skimmed over, like placing the same weekly ad in the paper.

So if you want to go for something new, give John a call…

Flintstone Landscape and Construction

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We make business videos for small businesses in Surrey and Hampshire.

Recently we were approached by Flintstone Landscapes in Sandhurst to produce a video of them finishing off a garden project.

They were using a new product called Weatherpoint 365.

It was a bright morning in Woking when we recorded this video, which took us about 2 hours.

Shaun Alexander, the owner wanted a promotional video made featuring himself as the business owner introducing the product.

Shaun, although not used to being on camera, made a good job of presenter.

Internet video marketing works well for small businesses, because like all internet marketing, the adverts or videos can be laser targeted to the person looking for the information about that service or product at that time.

If you would like a video made, call me for online video production in Surrey and Hampshire

Where is your site ranked on the Worldwide Web

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Page Rank for your business

If Google is ranked number 1, Facebook is number 2 and YouTube is number 4, where is your site ranked.

There are millions of websites in the UK, but how do you know where yours is ranked.

Well a simple FREE downloadable toolbar is available which will give you the information you are looking for.

Why is it important to know your page rank? Well the more information that you have about how your site is performing, the more you can do to improve its rankings and ultimately improve the traffic flow to your site

Now we all know that you should have the free analytics from Google installed and if you are not receiving weekly or monthly reports about how people are finding your site i.e. what pages they are visiting, how long they stay on your site, what keywords they are using to find you etc. Then your web master should have his/her shins kicked.

“If you don’t know the stats, how can you improve anything?”

Often, when a new client comes to me at Usher Media, I will take a look at their site to see their overall ranking. If they are ranked around 1 Million, then I know they are getting some traffic, if they are ranked around 500K they are getting a great deal of traffic to their site. Less that 200K very good and lower, well quite frankly excellent.

Then I will ask for their Google analytics report (free), which invariably the webmaster has not provided them with, mostly because they know the site they made for their client isn’t working.

This tool is an excellent free tool from You just download this add-on to your toolbar and your off and running.

Its great for spying on your competition too, just to see if they are getting any traffic at all.

There are other paid tools, but this is a great free one.

If you need any help with your seo or you are interested in video marketing for your business, contact

07712 777 822 01252 872834