Advertising In Camberley

Written by on Feb 21, 2011 in General | 0 comments

Video Advertising in Surrey is the reason for our next video.

John Udal is the owner of The BestOf Camberley an advertising and promotional portal for Camberley and Surrey Heath Borough

He has taken over the old Camberley Mall’s billboard on the A30.

Its big and its long, stretching to over 125 ft. It can be viewed from the road, which has over has over 30,000 cars passing every day.

John wanted a video that told of this new and different advertising and promotion medium in Camberley.

After all, if you want to stand out, you cannot advertise in the same place all the time, otherwise your ads just get skimmed over, like placing the same weekly ad in the paper.

So if you want to go for something new, give John a call…

07712 777 822 01252 872834