Hello my name is Sean Usher and I am the owner of  Usher Media.

Today I provide website services to small businesses. But it hasn’t always been that way…Sean Usher From Usher Media

Nearly all my life I have worked for myself, apart from when I left school and joined an apprentice scheme to be trained as a gas engineer. That lasted a year.

Then I worked in a record store, became a manager of 3 garages and in the evenings worked as a DJ in the local nightclubs, with ambitions to be on the national radio station Radio One….Didn’t quite make that. Stopped working for the man and set up my own promotions company, promoting local events and gigs.

Got a break and started work as a Radio Presenter on County Sound Radio in the 80’s. Starting off –  as you do, on the overnight show, before eventually moving to the 7-10pm slot within a year or two..Yes I was working for the man but self employed..

Then I went to sea……….Yes I joined a cruise ship as an entertainments officer, my main duties were being a Deejay. After four years I left to open a restaurant

A tough life 7 days a week but, then opened another restaurant, a frozen food outlet and an outside catering business, which kept me rather busy.. But after 13 years, I decided that I’d had enough. So I sold up

Today…Usher Media

Through out my career of owning and starting businesses, I have always been interested in marketing, databases, advertising and PR.

When the internet came along in the mid nineties, I knew I needed a website. So my first website was built for my restaurant in 1998.

But I built my first website in 2006, for the restaurants. The main reason for this is because, I wanted to be able to update the website with offers and promotions..

From there I wanted to make sure that my site was ranked in the number one position on Google for all my main keywords. So I learnt about SEO

I kept being asked to do SEO work for others and then build their websites, make videos etc.

So after I sold the restaurants, I set up Usher Media.

Nowadays I have a great variety of work. I make videos, not super glossy ones, but ones that give information and help local businesses get their message across. I work with a team of writers, writing fresh content for websites. I also have a small team of web designers and SEO experts and I make podcasts (record interviews) too.

I work with many different SMEs. In many different industries..I like the variety.

When you work with Usher Media, you get me as an adviser with over 30 years in the promotional, advertising and marketing business, especially internet marketing, which I have been studying since 1998.

Many of my clients are still with me since 2009. They get a first class service, quick responses to queries, a positive can do attitude and helpful advice on marketing their business, on or off-line.

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